Northern Tool launches new line of aerators and dethatchers

Strongway Plug AeratorNorthern Tool + Equipment, a Burnsville, Minn.-based supplier of high-quality tools and equipment, has released a new line of aerators and dethatchers under its Strongway brand.

“With spring right around the corner, lawn care is on the minds of homeowners and businesses,” said John Bakke, vice president of merchandising at Northern Tool + Equipment. “Our new line of aerators and dethatchers lives up to Strongway’s reputation as a quality product that incorporates the newest technology to increase the utility of each tool.”

The new line includes plug, drum spike and spike aerators, along with an ATV drag and dethatcher. Each piece is designed with ease of usage in mind, and can be attached to both ATVs and riding mowers. Details on the new line are as follows:

* Strongway drum spike aerator: Built to aerate compacted soil or clay, the drum spike aerator boasts 78 separate 3-inch spikes that can penetrate 2-3/4 inches deep to properly stir up soil nutrients.

* Strongway plug aerator: This plug aerator features 32 separate 2-1/2-inch coring plugs and has a weight tray that supports up to 140 pounds of soil particles, making it easier to add weight for additional ground penetration when dealing with tougher soil.

* Strongway tow-behind dethatcher: This tow-behind unit includes 20 heat-treated spring steel tines over its 40-inch width, to push any matted layer of thatch onto one surface for easy bagging and mulching.

* Strongway ATV drag harrow: The ATV draw harrow uses a universal tow style that allows it to easily attach to all ATV or lawn tractors. It also has a galvanized mesh drag harrow that quickly and efficiently levels out areas like playing fields.

* Strongway acreage rakes: These acreage rakes incorporate a pin-style hitch, making it easy to cover large areas behind an ATV, lawn tractor or other vehicles. With minimal effort, the rakes clean up leaves and grass at the same time, leaving windrows for easy pickup.

Strongway aerator and dethatcher products are now available online and at all Northern Tool + Equipment retail locations.


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