Lawn-Boy introduces All-Wheel Drive mower

Lawn-Boy recently introduced its All-Wheel Drive mower. This new, lightweight mower delivers power to all 4 wheels, making it easier to mow on hills, power through thick grass, and maneuver through challenging terrain. Featuring a 21-inch-wide, steel cutting deck and the Tri-Cut cutting system, this machine delivers a precise cut and excellent mulching capability. The deck is 3-in-1 ready, allowing for mulching, bagging and side-discharge options.

“It’s amazing how much less physical effort is needed when using the Lawn-Boy All-Wheel Drive mower,” said Wade Tollison, senior marketing manager for the Lawn-Boy brand. “Our new model will give homeowners more time and energy to relax and enjoy their yards this season.”

The Lawn-Boy All-Wheel Drive mower is powered by a 6.5-foot-pound gross-torque Kohler XTX OHV engine featuring “Never Change the Oil.” Powerful, reliable and easy to start, this engine spares homeowners the hassle of messy, time-consuming oil changes. Lawn-Boy also backs its products with a 2-year full warranty and a 3-year Tru-Start promise. If the mower doesn’t start on 1 or 2 pulls within its first 3 years, Lawn-Boy will fix it for free.

Currently, the new Lawn-Boy All-Wheel Drive mower is sold exclusively at The Home Depot in the United States, as well as at The Home Depot and authorized Lawn-Boy dealers in Canada.