YARDMAX YB5765, YB6270 and YB6770 2-stage snow blowers

1607_OPE_EF_YARDMAX1-snow throwerAvailable in 3 different snow clearing widths, the YARDMAX YB5765, YB6270 and YB6770 2-stage heavy-duty snow blowers tackle intense applications — easily able to cut through snow in excess of 1 foot or more. Using a self-propelled drive with multiple speeds, the serrated steel augers and axe-shaped housing efficiently slice through hard-packed snow and ice. Meanwhile, the high-speed impeller consumes more snow, and the extended metal chute maintains a tighter discharge, limiting snow blowback. The standard pin-lock axle offers 2 options: a 2-wheel drive for increased traction or a 1-wheel drive for greater maneuverability. For more information, visit yardmax.com.