Polaris 2016 Brutus gets the job done in all seasons

Polaris Industries Inc. is setting its sights on redefining what a side-by-side vehicle can do on a job site with its 2016 Brutus models. With new enhancements and attachments that deliver more productivity, versatility and comfort on these models, operators can lift, grab, grade, scoop, sweep, blow, mow, plow, and plane; one machine can do the job of several typical work vehicles, with less effort.

2016 Polaris BRUTUS LandplaneNew Brutus landplane

The new landplane makes grading, leveling, and aerating soil a breeze. This joystick-controlled attachment breaks up and smooths out rugged terrain, then goes a step further with a unique back drag to level out the soil. An optional scarifier kit helps break up extremely hard soil, while a screen kit allows the operator to carry and sift material. When operators are not using it for grading, the landplane doubles as a sod peeler or aerator, or it can be used to transport materials around the worksite.

“Our customers are telling us what they require from work vehicles,” said Tate Johnson, Polaris director of work vehicles. “We’re listening, and as a result, we are building machines that deliver maximum versatility. We’re adding more and better tools to tackle work tasks, allowing operators to get more done in less time with a single vehicle. Brutus increases productivity while keeping operators comfortable with features that make them look forward to jumping in the driver’s seat.”

Additional new product enhancements, attachments and accessories make the Brutus 2016 model year the most productive yet. More highlights include:

2016 Polaris BRUTUS JoystickErgonomic joystick

A redesigned, ergonomic joystick with an integrated toggle feature allows effortless control. Raise, lower, tilt, and move power take-off (PTO) attachments without taking your hand off the joystick. The new joystick is standard on MY16, and the upgrade kit is compatible with all earlier model Brutus HDPTO vehicles.

Brutus snow blower

The updated Brutus snow blower takes on big snowfalls with ease. This two-stage blower has a hydraulic chute rotator that is controlled from inside the cab. An exclusive, extreme-duty cogged belt drive with automatic tensioner provides smooth operation, and drastically reduces the need for drive maintenance. A cutting width of 62 inches and a height of 21 inches mean big snow is no big deal.

Polaris Brutus commercial utility vehicles are changing the way people work. See how they can improve your productivity at your authorized Polaris dealer. Visit Polaris.com/BRUTUS to learn more.