General Transmissions announces North American parts distribution network

The market for continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) for lawn tractors and snow blowers continues to grow, creating a new opportunity for dealers to provide aftermarket services for CVT maintenance and repair. And Houston-based General Transmissions (GT), maker of CVTs for lawn tractors and snow blowers, recently launched a new North American regional parts distribution network to provide servicing dealers with a convenient source for CVT parts for its products.

Service technicians can access complete service manuals and related instructional videos for GT CVTs on the company’s website at

Since General Transmissions launched its marketing efforts in North America several years ago, sales of CVT-equipped lawn tractors have ramped up steadily to the point that about 30 percent of all new consumer-grade lawn tractors now feature CVTs made by General Transmissions, according to Wouter Barendrecht, president of General Transmissions.

Even though General Transmissions engineers its transmissions for durability and longevity, the real-world conditions in which they operate can produce situations in which repairs or special maintenance are required. CVTs can be serviced cost effectively like any other mechanical component, said Barendrecht. Technicians can refer to GT’s online service materials to address almost any type of repair or maintenance issue that arises with a GT CVT, according to Barendrecht.

Dealers interested in servicing General Transmissions-made CVTs will find parts readily available through the regional distribution network, which breaks out into the following four main geographic regions across the United States and Canada:

* Midwest region: Oscar Wilson Engine & Parts, St. Louis, (800) 873-6722
* Southwest region: Engine Warehouse, Houston, (800) 580-7790
* West Coast/Mountain states: Power Equipment Systems, Salem, Ore., (800) 782-2700
* Eastern U.S./Canada: Gardner Dixie Sales, Brown’s Summit, N.C., (800) 561-0004 (eastern U.S.) and (800) 561-0004 (Canada)

With CVTs showing up in more and more OPE products, now is the time for dealers to consider adding a CVT service and maintenance capability to their shops, said Barendrecht. “Prepare now by reviewing our service and support page on our website, so that when a customer comes in with a CVT-related issue, you’re ready to say, ‘We can handle that for you,’” he said. “Why let that customer take his or her business somewhere else?”