Kohler enCUBE offers new, portable generator solution

Kohler’s enCUBE generator, Kohler is a battery-powered, indoor/outdoor generator solution. Unlike engine-driven models, enCUBE offers:

* Silent operation: Can be used indoors and offers quiet, ambient sound levels

* Zero emissions: Fuel-free alternative to portable power, so it can be used at home or when camping, hunting or on the job.

* Safe design: With no engine or need for fuel, it is a clean power source with zero emissions.

* Convenient operation: Can be charged with a standard 120V AC wall outlet or an optional solar panel (sold separately); able to parallel 2 or more panels; combine multiple units or similar batteries for increased run time

Other features include USB ports for small electronic devices; 12V DC ports for medium-sized electronics; 120V AC outlets for large electronics, appliances and an assortment of tools; 1,400 watts of continuous power; built-in GFCI, preventing overloading and overheating; and a small footprint for easy transportation and storage