Ariens Company introduces industry first for snow products

1609_OPE_PN_Ariens2_Ariens EFI engineOn July 20, the Ariens Company achieved an industry first with the introduction of the Ariens AX EZ-Launch engine with electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology, designed for the Ariens line of Sno-Thro products. With the unveiling of this new engine, Ariens is the first brand in the industry to apply modern automotive technology and offer an EFI solution for snow products.

The Ariens AX EZ-Launch EFI engine starts in 2 simple steps, versus 6 steps with a traditional carbureted engine. All that the user needs to do is turn the key and pull the recoil cord (or use the electric start). The engine’s system uses an electronic governor, which virtually eliminates speed loss and delivers consistent throwing performance along with an ultra-quiet idle. The combination of electronic fuel injection and the e-governor also works together to use less fuel than traditional engine models.

Because the system is electronic, it automatically adjusts to the environment and can start in extreme weather at high or low altitude and tackle any type of snow. With traditional engines, the machine can lose more than 10 percent of its power when encountering drifts or wet, heavy snow. However, the Ariens AX EZ-Launch EFI engine controls its speed automatically, and it won’t slow down when it encounters large piles of snow.

The Ariens AX EZ-Launch EFI engine can be run in different modes. While in efficiency mode, the engine runs quieter, uses less fuel, and runs at a slightly lower speed, making it a good option for early morning hours when others are sleeping. The power mode increases the engine’s output and provides the unit with more power to get through tough jobs.

The Ariens EFI system is also completely sealed, helping to significantly reduce maintenance costs. The system will not require adjusting since it is sealed, as gas won’t deteriorate if left in the engine. This allows users to store their machine without worry.

“At Ariens, we’re always striving to come up with new and innovative solutions for our customers,” said Ariens Company VP of Marketing Matt Medden. “Today, we’ve launched an industry first by introducing EFI technology on our snow products, and in addition to being proud of being first, we’re excited to provide our customers with a technology that will allow them to get their jobs done better and more efficiently.”

For 2016, Ariens is offering the EFI engine on 2 models: the Deluxe 30 and the Platinum 24 SHO. Models start at a promotional price of $1,699 USD, and will be available in late October 2016 at authorized Ariens dealers and Home Depot stores in the United States and Canada. Ariens dealers will exclusively carry the Platinum 24 SHO EFI model. The units carry a 3-year consumer warranty. For more information, visit