Wright to introduce Sport I at GIE+EXPO 2016

Wright Manufacturing will introduce a new 36-inch Sport Intensity (a.k.a. “Sport I”) mower at the 2016 Green Industry & Equipment Expo (GIE+EXPO) on Oct. 19-21 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky. Based on the Stander I, the new, compact Sport I combines all the features that make the Stander ideal for stand-on or sit-down operation.

The Sport I’s foldaway seat is positioned so the operator can step off for quick exits or to remove debris, with the mower stopping immediately. An operator presence switch on the foot platform stops the blade and engine, and the control levers return to the neutral position when the operator lets go. All 3 engines –18.5, 19 and 22 hp. – deliver a top speed of 8.2 mph, and the Sport I is covered by Wright’s 2-year limited warranty.

Wright’s floating Aero-Core deck on the Sport I tilts side to side and front to back, allowing the deck to better follow the terrain contours. It also improves the weight distribution for better handling on hills. The deck height can be adjusted “on the fly” in quarter-inch increments, and anti-scalp rollers automatically adjust the deck height to changes in terrain.

Operators will appreciate the Aero-Core decks’s improved airflow, cut quality and anti-blowout features. Elastopolymer bumpers provide a dampened feel similar to a car. The bumpers are progressive to accommodate the weight of various operators.

Recessed caster wheels reduce the turning radius. This feature, combined with the compact footprint and outstanding control and handling, allows operators to trim as they mow. The compact size also means more mowers will fit on a trailer.

At GIE+EXPO, you can closely examine the Sport Intensity in the comforts of Wright’s indoor booth 3094 or test drive the mower at outdoor booth 7624-D.