Team Stihl is taking flight and hitting the high seas


Andrew Findlay in One Moment

The many faces of Team Stihl embody the individual pursuit of greatness and the emphasis of team and family. This year, Team Stihl will participate in both the National Championship Air Races and the Super Boat National and World Championship.


Sept. 14-18: 2016 National Championship Reno Air Races


Sept. 30-Oct. 2: 8th annual Clearwater Super Boat National Championship

Nov. 6-13: 36th annual Key West World Championship

One Moment, a sleek carbon fiber race plane is a Lancair Super Legacy with a 600-plus-hp. twin turbo engine and is piloted by Andrew Findlay, a test cell supervisor and engineer at Stihl Inc. Several of his colleagues serve as the racing plane’s crew. With the power of a custom McCauley Blackworks propeller and innovative crew, the plane can hit speeds of nearly 400 mph. To learn more, visit


Jake Noble

The Stihl Super Boat catamaran has a new driver. Jake Noble will honor his late father Robert “JR” Noble by taking over driving duties in the new Stihl Skater 388 for the 2016 Super Boat International series. Last year, Team Stihl enjoyed a 4th-place finish at the 35th annual Key West World Championship in the Super Boat category, and its members look forward to another great season. To read more about the team’s achievements and find a complete listing of scheduled races, results, videos and photos, visit