Kobi Company introduces first all-season autonomous robot for yard work

The Kobi Company showcased Kobi, the world’s first multi-functional robot for yard work in all seasons, at GIE+EXPO 2016. The 3-in-1 autonomous robot can remove snow, mow the lawn, and clean up leaves, relieving users of the arduous and time-consuming task of yard work.

“People are increasingly searching for ways to improve their work-life balance and spend more time on what truly matters to them,” said Steven Waelbers, co-founder and CTO of The Kobi Company. “Kobi helps them achieve additional leisure time by acting as a personal gardener that’s available 24/7. For individuals who have difficulties performing yard work due to health issues, the convenience is even greater. Snow removal can be a physically challenging task, and is linked to hundreds of heart attacks and injuries every year. With Kobi, people no longer need to go outside in the cold to shovel snow.”

When first bringing the robot home, the companion app enables the user to drive Kobi around the yard or driveway, so the robot can learn the perimeter of those spaces and where any fixed obstacles are located, eliminating the need for tedious boundary wires. The app is also used to teach Kobi where to blow snow or dump leaves.

Kobi uses GPS and a suite of sensors to achieve its inch-level position accuracy and also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data connectivity. This level of connectivity makes it possible for Kobi to monitor the weather forecast and know, for example, when it will snow and alert the user accordingly so the robot can proactively begin clearing snowfall as soon as it starts. There are also several built-in safety features, such as Kobi’s camera and ultrasonic sensors that help to detect objects and immediately shut down its operation when necessary.

Starting in December 2016, 10 beta versions of the robot will be available as the company’s engineers gather feedback. To become a beta user, applications are now available on The Kobi Company website at thekobi.com. The yard-work robots will be available to the general public in the northeast United States in early 2017. Prices start at $3,999.