Toro introduces products for all seasons at GIE+EXPO 2016

At GIE+EXPO 2016, The Toro Company showcased several new products, including the GrandStand Multi-Force snow-only model, a powered bagger for the GrandStand and GrandStand Multi-Force stand-on mowers, a 28-inch hydro-drive brush cutter, and the Titan HD Series of zero-turn mowers.

Due to the positive response to the Toro GrandStand Multi Force stand-on mower, Toro is introducing a snow-only Multi Force model. The snow-only model is designed to give snow-focused contractors access to the snow-clearing capabilities of the Multi Force without having to purchase the mowing deck.

The snow-only model is built on the same trusted GrandStand Multi Force platform and features the same easy-to-use controls as current GrandStand Multi Force models. The unit comes equipped with the Flex-Ride operator platform designed to reduce operator fatigue and contributes to higher productivity throughout the day. The Flex-Ride operator platform is self-compensating to accommodate operators of different sizes. The snow-only model can be equipped with a 5-foot BOSS snowplow attachment. Snow-only models also come standard with winter tires and have optional light and flasher kits to increase visibility in challenging conditions.

“By creating a dedicated snow-only Multi Force unit, we are able to better serve the snow and ice management market with this versatile and innovative machine,” said Chris Hannan, Toro senior marketing manager. “As we continue to gather feedback from end users, customers can expect to see additional capabilities in the coming years.”

Toro also introduced a bagger attachment for the GrandStand and GrandStand Multi Force stand-on mower product lines. With the addition of the powered bagger attachment, Toro offers landscape contractors the unique ability to efficiently collect grass clippings while taking advantage of all the benefits of a stand-on mower.

The powered bagger attachment was developed with productivity in mind. The compact design of the side-mounted soft twin bagger, and vertically mounted blower, allow for excellent maneuverability in tight spaces and maximum visibility during operation. The powered bagger boasts a 10-cubic-foot (8-bushel) capacity, which ensures fewer trips for the operator to empty the bags. Additionally, the top cover of the bagger attachment opens easily for simple access to the bags, and the quick-release design allows operators to switch from bagging to side discharge.

“Having a machine that can perform year-round, in the case of the Multi Force model, helps drive a strong return on investment for landscape contractors,” said Hannan. “The new powered bagger adds to the versatility of our GrandStand lineup, which helps make contractors more productive throughout the seasons.”

The all-new 28-inch hydro-drive brush cutter is designed for the residential and landscape contractor marketplace. Outstanding durability is a key feature of this new walk-behind model, making it ideal for contractors, acreage owners and hobby farmers.

The commercial-grade, self-propelled brush cutter is versatile and easy to use, and it can handle many applications, as well as operators of varying skill levels. Its durable components and excellent engineering allow operators to level brush, tall weeds, saplings, small trees and heavy vegetation with ease. The Toro hydro-drive brush cutter can handle nearly any brush up to 6 feet tall and most saplings up to 2 inches in diameter. Featuring a pivoting deck, the hydro-drive brush cutter delivers a 3.75-inch height-of-cut.

A two-step blade engagement coupled with a parking brake, ensure the 28-inch hydro-drive brush cutter is as safe as it is dependable. Additionally, the operator can maneuver this powerful machine in both forward and reverse with one hand. Incredibly stable, the standard 6-inch, two-ply, sealant-filled, aggressive tread tires provide effective traction for brush removal projects on slopes or in ditches and culverts.

“This heavy-duty brush cutter really rounds out our offering of Turf Renovation products,” added Hannan. “We believe this will be a valuable piece of equipment for many landscape contractors and large-property owners alike.”

1612_ope_ef_toroToro now offers 3 new series of Titan HD zero-turn mowers, including the Titan HD 1500 Series, Titan HD 2000 Series, and Titan HD 2500 Series. These new models place an emphasis on quality, comfort and versatility, and they are ideal for acreage owners and value-minded landscape contractors. To improve efficiency by eliminating trips back and forth to the shed or trailer, the Titan HD features the exclusive ability to safely and easily attach tools and accessories to the mower with innovative tool-mounting brackets. This allows operators to use the mower to transport tools and equipment for larger jobs, including trimmers, 5-gallon buckets and other yard tools. The Titan HD is built on a rugged, reliable frame and is highlighted by Toro’s Turbo Force cutting decks that provide excellent quality of cut and durability. Powered by a series of commercial-grade engines from Toro, Kohler and Kawasaki, Titan HD mowers reach top ground speeds of up to 10 mph with deck widths up to 60 inches, helping maximize productivity and time savings.