General Transmissions offers solution to Sticky Shift Syndrome on some transmissions

General Transmissions has introduced a dust cover as an upgrade item for its Element V RS800 line of continuously variable transmissions for lawn tractors. The upgrade prevents lawn debris and dust from accumulating around the primary pulley and its related components. Debris buildup can potentially interfere with the forward-to-reverse shift operation.

Available as a complete kit with all replacement parts included, the debris cover upgrade can be ordered through the General Transmissions North American parts network. The upgrade can be easily performed by skilled technicians and requires only the most basic tools.

Although the sticky shift issue can also be solved by manually cleaning the problem area, General Transmissions recommends the upgrade as a permanent solution. Just “put a lid on it” and forget about it.

To locate your nearest General Transmissions North American distributor to order the dust cover, as well as to learn how to install it, visit