New line of Stihl trimmers packed with features for efficient trimming

When looking for more power to cut through landscaping tasks, professionals can count on the latest line of Stihl trimmers for extra muscle. These professional trimmers have powerful low-emission engines, providing 30 percent longer run times than their predecessors. The newest members of the Stihl string trimmer family feature a simplified 3-step start procedure enabled by the semi-automatic choke lever, saving users time. Each product’s vertical-pleated paper air filter allows for better filtration, extended replacement intervals and long service life.

“This new line of Stihl string trimmers fulfills the demanding landscaper’s trimming needs with its various features like the IntelliCarb compensating carburetor, which automatically compensates for reduced air flow when the air filter begins to clog to maintain desired rpm while trimming,” said Marvin Mathwig, product manager at Stihl Inc.

The new additions to the line include seven professional string trimmers: the Stihl FS 91, Stihl FS 91 R, Stihl FS 111, Stihl FS 111 R, Stihl FS 111 RX, Stihl FS 131 and Stihl FS 131 R professional trimmers.


Durable and built to last

* Rubberized handles provide a comfortable grip of the product; multi-function control handle allows easy access to all of the controls on 1 comfortable handle

* Straight, steel drive shaft designed for professional-grade durability; it comes with a limited lifetime warranty

Save time with quick and easy starting and restarting

* Semi-automatic choke lever enables simplified 3-step start procedure, saving users time; to start, users simply purge the primer bulb, set the choke, and pull the starter handle

* Engage the throttle, and the semi-automatic choke lever automatically moves from the choke to run position

* The 1-touch stop switch allows the user to turn off the engine with the simple press of a button. When the engine is off, the 1-touch stop switch automatically returns the trimmer to the start position, saving users time and reducing the chance of flooding the engine when restarting; users simply pull the starter rope and engage the throttle to get back to work

Attractive features for maintenance and fleet managers

* 3-screw access to starter assembly for easy replacement on the job

* Unloaded overspeed protection which is designed to detect load changes and adjust engine speed in order to avert possible engine damage

* New 1-screw service cover provides quicker access to spark plug and valve train for easier adjustment and service

* Quicker and easier throttle cable adjustment

MSRP starting at $329.95:

* Stihl FS 91: $359.95

* Stihl FS 91 R: $329.95

* Stihl FS 111: $399.95

* Stihl FS 111 R: $369.95

* Stihl FS 111 RX: $349.95

* Stihl FS 131: $429.95

* Stihl FS 131 R: $399.95