Walbro launches next-generation EFI system for consumer engine applications

Walbro recently announced the production launch of its next-generation EEM Injection system designed specifically to bring the benefits of electronic fuel injection (EFI) to both single- and twin-cylinder consumer engine applications. The system features a small, light-weight Engine Control Unit (ECU) that is integrated with a throttle body and designed to fit within the space of most traditional float carburetors on engines ranging from 5 to 30 hp. Walbro worked with MTD Products, a global leader in outdoor power equipment and the first equipment partner to use this highly cost-effective technology, to develop a new 679-cc V-Twin fuel-injected engine for the Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro Series lawn tractor, now available through the Cub Cadet dealer network.

“We worked with Cub Cadet to launch the first consumer EFI lawn tractor in 2015,” said Chris Quick, Walbro’s senior vice president of global business development and strategy. “Now that we have added twin-cylinder engine control, we expect the demand for EFI in cost-sensitive consumer applications to grow very rapidly. Homeowners who purchase lawn tractors, generators, snow blowers and other power equipment want the same ease of starting and performance benefits that professionals have long demanded, and our system delivers those benefits at an affordable price point.”

“Our latest EEM Injection system makes it easier for OEM customers to offer fuel injection on their engines because the integrated ECU and throttle body is sized to fit within the space of a traditional float carburetor,” said Eric Zbytowski, senior engineering manager for Walbro. “And by keeping the number of system components and connections to a minimum, we were able to hit the cost targets necessary for large-scale consumer adoption.”