Walbro releases specially formulated carburetor and fuel system cleaner

Walbro LLC announced on February 3 the development and release of a new Carburetor and Fuel System Cleaner for all two-stroke and four-stroke engine applications.

“As the largest manufacturer of carburetors and fuel systems, Walbro is uniquely qualified to understand the requirements of cleaning and maintaining fuel systems,” said Walbro CEO Matthew Riddle. “Using our knowledge and experience in the outdoor power and powersports markets, we’ve rigorously tested our new carburetor and fuel system cleaner for material compatibility, as well as cleaning, anti-corrosion and lubricating properties, ensuring our distribution partners access to the highest-quality cleaning formula.”

The Walbro Carburetor and Fuel System Cleaner is comprised of a special blend of cleaning agents and lubricants that safely removes carbon and deposits. The shake-can with a unique 2-way nozzle makes it easy to activate and spray, while the specially designed lubricants help to prevent corrosion. The product is currently available through Walbro’s global distribution network.

“By using Walbro Carburetor and Fuel System Cleaner as part of a maintenance routine, our customers and partners can prevent rough-running engines and engines that won’t start, eliminating expensive downtime and maintenance costs through improved machine reliability,” added Riddle.

For more information about Walbro, visit www.walbro.com.