Rotary offers wide selection of Copperhead chain saw items for 2017

For 2017, Rotary Corporation is offering several new chain saw items, including professional-grade Copperhead chain saw bars and chain; repair kits; and special assortments of bolts, links, fuel filters and bar stud nuts that fit most popular brands.

In Rotary’s 2017 master catalog, a special 108-page chain saw section features photos, illustrations and descriptions with cross-over charts, a saw chain numbering system, and a chain link diagram. Rotary also offers a complete line of Copperhead chain saw bars, plus bar and chain combo kits, chisel and semi-chisel chain in 25-foot or 100-foot reels and cut loops among its vast lineup of parts, tools and accessories.

A full array of chain saw filters, sprockets, springs, cylinder assemblies, carburetor kits, pole saw bars, repair tools, files and chain breakers are among many additional items. Find the right chain saw part for practically every major brand.

Rotary’s 2017 master catalog lists more than 9,500 different outdoor power equipment parts, including hundreds of new items. It includes more than 1,625 pages complete with photos, descriptions and cross-referencing numbers for most brands along with many hard-to-find and discontinued parts. The entire catalog may be downloaded by servicing dealers and distributors in PDF format from the company’s user-friendly website at