Rotary acquires Desert Extrusion

Rotary Corporation, which is headquartered in Glennville, Ga., has announced the acquisition of Desert Extrusion, a leading manufacturer of trimmer line products for outdoor power equipment. The privately held company is based in Phoenix, Ariz., and serves customers throughout the United States and more than 40 countries on six continents.

Founded in 1990 by Robert “Bob” Phillips, Desert Extrusion produces a wide variety of nylon monofilament trimmer line utilizing advanced design and extrusion technology, rigid quality control and select raw materials. Trimmer line and trimmer heads have been marketed under several brands for commercial and residential applications.

According to Ed Nelson, Rotary president and CEO, the acquisition is consistent with his company’s strategy to expand and deepen its roots in the outdoor power equipment industry. Nelson said the merger will significantly enhance Rotary’s manufacturing and distribution capabilities in the years ahead.

“Desert Extrusion has built an excellent reputation under the leadership of Bob Phillips, whom I have known for many years,” said Nelson. “Through research and development, Desert Extrusion has been instrumental in the evolution of trimmer line that performs well under adverse conditions in a variety of climates.

“Moreover, Desert Extrusion products are manufactured in the United States with all raw materials supplied by U.S. companies. That’s important to us,” said Nelson, who noted that approximately three out of every four parts shipped by Rotary in 2016 were made in the United States.

Nelson added, “As family-owned businesses, we also share common values — unsurpassed quality, competitive pricing and outstanding service. Plus, we take exceptional pride in our work. That’s why this partnership will enable us to provide the finest trimmer line products on today’s market for our customers in the U.S. and abroad.”