DEWALT launches 40V MAX Mower/Vehicle Charger

DEWALT recently introduced the 40V MAX Mower/Vehicle Charger (DCB412), compatible with all 40V MAX outdoor power equipment batteries. Hooked up to a truck or strapped to a mower to charge on the go, it provides convenient mobile charging for landscapers. Including a truck power input, a mower battery connection, and a mower mount, the charger can be attached to a mower in a variety of orientations to make the battery secure and accessible.

With the ability to charge any of the DEWALT 40V MAX batteries from a vehicle’s 12V power outlet or by tapping directly into the mower battery, the charger enables batteries to be conveniently recharged throughout the day. The 40V MAX Mower/Vehicle Charger includes an automatic shut-off that prevents excessive discharge of the vehicle’s or mower’s battery. In addition, the 40V MAX Mower/Vehicle Charger features an LED indicator that diagnoses battery charge status, whether it’s charged or charging, and alerts the user to a power line problem. The indicator also informs the user of a power line status, whether the battery needs to be replaced, as well as if it’s too hot or too cold to use.

The 40V MAX Mower/Vehicle Charger adds to the growing solutions offered for DEWALT Outdoor Power Equipment. With the 40V MAX Mower/Vehicle Charger and the existing 6-Pack Charging Station, a landscaping crew has the ability to work through the whole day. Without charging during the day, 6 batteries can power a day’s worth of work, equating to up to 90 residential properties per week. In addition, the user can plug the 6-Pack Charging Station into a wall outlet and charge a 7.5-Ah battery in less than an hour. The Mower/Vehicle charger can charge the 7.5-Ah battery within 4 hours.

Available in summer 2017, the 40V MAX Mower/Vehicle Charger will be available where DEWALT products are sold for $79 MSRP. Also new in 2017 are the 7.5-Ah kits available exclusively at Turf & Equipment dealerships, including the string trimmer (DCST990X1), handheld blower (DCBL790X1), hedge trimmer (DCHT860X1), pole hedge trimmer (DCHT895X1) and chain saw (DCCS690X1). The 40V MAX 7.5-Ah premium battery is the system’s largest capacity battery, providing 300-watt hours of energy (87 percent more capacity than the 4.0-Ah battery) to deliver maximum run time.