YARDMAX unveils new line of plate compactors

YARDMAX, a manufacturer of innovative, high-quality outdoor power equipment, announced on May 16 the availability of its new line of YARDMAX plate compactors. Presented in compaction forces of 1,850, 2,500 and 3,000 pounds, this versatile equipment is designed to meet the demands of any small- to medium-sized outdoor project, delivering consistent compaction force to lengthen the life of the applied pavement. Following its commitment to deliver high-quality OPE products to the market at the best value, YARDMAX plate compactors are available on Amazon.com and competitively priced, starting at $399.

Built for reliable, long-lasting durability and engineered for packing down loose granular soils, gravel, sand and other crushed aggregate, YARDMAX plate compactors ensure reduced water seepage, swelling and erosion to create a tight, air-free foundation with long-lasting effect. This equipment eases the operator’s workload by offering premium design features – such as solid-steel parts, attached wheels for easy transportation, recoil ignition and vibration-absorbing handles, as standard – for no upcharge.

“The versatility delivered by this family of products matches the needs and various levels of expertise our customers have,” said YARDMAX Vice President Shad Shafer. “As we continue to expand our product line with a wide range of offerings, we’re dedicated to maintaining a strong customer focus and delivering what’s missing in the market.”

The efficient 79-cc 1,850-pound compaction force plate compactor delivers 5,900 blows per minute using a 2.5-hp. engine. Ideal for residential paving projects in advance of pouring concrete or laying bricks and stone, this model is competitively priced at $399. Additionally, the mid-size 196-cc 2,500-pound compaction force plate compactor produces 5,500 blows per minute using a 6.5-hp. engine to help resist erosion and maintain the integrity of pavement jobs. This mid-sized model is priced at $499. Additional features included on small- to mid-sized YARDMAX plate compactors consist of the following:

  • Self-propelled drive
  • Single, stamped, solid steel plate with no weld beads to prevent rusting
  • Fold-up transport wheels attached
  • Mounted, 3-point handle with rubber bushings for vibration absorption
  • Fold-down handle for compact storage
  • Stamping pad available to act as a buffer between plate and surface
  • Recoil ignition for simple starting
  • Overhead valve engine
  • Centrifugal flyweight for optimal engine control

For customers who desire a heavier-duty model, YARDMAX offers its 3,000-pound compaction force plate compactor. Built with a Briggs & Stratton 6.5-hp. OHV engine to provide the precise amount of power, this machine delivers cleaner, more fuel-efficient results. Priced at $579, this model boasts additional features, including:

  • 208-cc displacement
  • Delivers 5,500 blows per minute
  • Gas tank strainer & anti-splash device included for safety and convenience