Water Cannon unveils under-carriage cleaners

Water Cannon’s under-carriage cleaners (product ID 0ASE-0019-11) are designed to clean under vehicles and equipment with a 24-inch-wide path. Four spray nozzles blast up from below at up to 4,300 psi — 2 zero-degree nozzles cut through the tough stuff and 2 additional 15-degree nozzles wash it away. Just plug in a pressure washer and use the long-reach handle to get all the way underneath a vehicle or equipment with up to a 5-foot reach. This product is available in a 13-inch rear-wheel model (pictured) to provide 14.5 inches of clearance to get under heavy equipment and leave the mud on the ground where it belongs. These cleaners can handle water temperatures up to 250 degrees. Specifications include:

  • Requires 14.5-inch vehicle clearance
  • Easy handling and maneuverability
  • Front skid plate
  • 13-inch wheel assembly
  • Approximately 24 inches of cleaning area
  • Pressure up to 4,300 psi
  • Temperatures up to 250 degrees
  • Handle is adjustable from 33.5 to 60 inches

For more information, visit www.watercannon.com.