YANMAR unveils 2018 UTV lineup

YANMAR America recently announced the 2018 YANMAR BULL Series Utility Task Vehicle lineup is expanding to include 3 new colors and upgrades to the standard options. The 2018 models will begin shipping to dealers this fall. Sales will also be expanded from the continental United States to include Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada.

The new options will be available for the standard BULL model, which features 3 seats in a single row, as well as the “Longhorn” edition, with 2 rows and 6 individual seats. Due to a fixed production quantity, the special edition “Black Angus” model will be available for a limited time only.

The 2018 lineup will keep the top features and 700-cc class gas engine that made the 2017 YANMAR BULL Series launch a success.

* Catering to customers that prefer bold designs, the “Black Angus” special edition will be available as a 3-seat, standard BULL model only. The design will include matte metallic grey paint with a matte black hood and black aluminum wheels. A subtle carbon fiber BULL logo graphic will adorn the hood, while additional branding will reside on side panels. A rear grab bar has also been added to enhance the ruggedness of this limited-edition model.

* Utility customers will be able to choose a green model with black steel wheels and fewer standard options that will also appeal to customers looking for a lower price point. “Green has traditionally been a popular color within the off-roading industry, and we have a large segment of customers that don’t need premium paint and cosmetic accessories,” said Jason Fitch, YANMAR UTV division manager. “They just want a work vehicle, and that’s what we have provided.”

* The premium 2017 design with red and silver paint and gold wheels will return again for 2018; now with mud flaps included as a standard option.

* In response to consumer demand, the BULL Series will now include a Real Tree AP camouflage package. The camouflage package will come standard with mud flaps and black aluminum wheels.

The new color options cater to a broad dealer network and customer base. “We really spent a lot of time collecting and analyzing customer responses nationally, and we were able to identify what would be important to customers in different geographical areas,” added Fitch. “I believe we have a lineup that our customers and dealers will appreciate as we move into 2018.”

The BULL Series will be available through YANMAR’s extensive U.S. construction and agriculture dealer network.

Last year, YANMAR entered the off-road vehicle market with the BULL Series line of UTVs that included the standard BULL and Longhorn Edition in a sleek sliver and premium red color design.