New MyToro app puts Toro equipment owners in control

Homeowners with a Toro mower or snowblower can now access essential product information on their smartphone, thanks to the all-new MyToro mobile app ( It’s the latest way Toro is helping customers take charge of their yard, by delivering the resources they need, when they need them, to get the best possible performance out of their Toro equipment.

The MyToro app provides recommended service schedules and maintains a maintenance log on an individual’s mower or snowblower. Other key features include the ability to look up and order parts online for a specific product model, as well as diagrams to help identify necessary parts. Users can also access manuals, instructional maintenance videos and lawn-care tips. The app even provides current weather conditions and, in a future release, will forecast the best time for the user to mow.

“We are focused on empowering customers with smart, connected technology,” said Dave Francis, senior marketing manager at The Toro Company. “The MyToro app puts homeowners in control, so they know how to best maintain their Toro products.”

For added functionality, users can purchase a Bluetooth-enabled Portable Usage Calculator (PUC) to connect with the MyToro app. This small, wireless hour meter can be attached to any Toro gas-powered snowblower or mower and even moved from one product to another. When the homeowner syncs their smartphone with the app, the PUC transmits usage data to the user’s account.

The MyToro app uses data from the PUC to keep track of each Toro product’s hours of operation and reminds the user when the product is due for service or maintenance. The home screen also displays hours of operation remaining until the next service is due on items such as belts, spark plugs and oil. The PUC is sold separately for $19.99 and is available through the app or

“Many owners admit they don’t do the maintenance they should, because they simply don’t know what they need to do or when to do it,” added Francis. “The MyToro app solves that problem. When you use the PUC, the MyToro app keeps track of hours of operation, reminds you when service is due, and even shows you how to do it and order the right parts. If the user would rather leave their equipment servicing to a dealer, the app can help find one. It’s also an excellent troubleshooting tool. If you have a problem with a machine, you can go to the app and find answers quickly, without having to make a phone call.”

Starting in July, the MyToro app will be available for free on Apple for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices. It can be set to pull up information for virtually any Toro residential product.

Toro will automatically set up a MyToro account for all users who have registered a Toro walk-behind or zero-turn mower, or snowblower purchased since 2014. Owners can simply download the MyToro app, log in, and set a password to get started. The app will be prepopulated with information for the registered Toro models (2014 or newer) they own.

“The MyToro app does more than connect you with a wealth of information — it packages that information in a simple, useful way and delivers it when you need it, for the exact model you own,” explained Francis. “It takes the hassle out of ownership by making it simpler to maintain the Toro equipment in your garage or shed.”

MyToro is also available as a website, so users can log in and view their personal dashboard on a desktop computer or tablet. A smartphone is required to connect with the PUC. For more information about the MyToro app, visit, or explore the full line of Toro products at