EDF solicits donations to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey

In response to Hurricane Harvey, the Equipment Dealers Foundation (EDF) — the publicly supported 501 (c)(3) charitable organization of the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) — with support from several regional associations, has released a call to action for their members and the agriculture community as a whole. The groups are asking for donations to EDF’s Disaster Relief Fund, which will provide financial aid to victims of the hurricane.

The Disaster Relief Fund, since its inception following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, has disbursed more than $280,000 to help offset the financial demands of dealers and their employees who have been affected by natural disasters. Grant money can be used for temporary housing, food, water and other necessities.

Rob Richter of Sunshine Quality Solutions had several employees receive grants in 2016 after flooding in Baton Rouge, La. “It really brought a sense of pride that we have a partner out there willing to help us out,” said Richter. “The grant recipients were all very appreciative and humbled by the support the Equipment Dealers Foundation provided.”

“This hurricane has caused unprecedented flooding and enormous amounts of damage to Houston and surrounding areas, and it’s going to take a long time for these people to rebound,” said EDF Chairman Tom Nobbe, who is the owner of Wm. Nobbe & Co. “The least we can do is make sure we have funds available to disburse to our dealers and their employees, so please consider making a donation. We need to make sure those affected know that our community supports them and is willing to do anything we can to help.”

All funds raised will go directly to assist equipment dealers and their employees. Donations can be made using the following pledge card: https://www.equipmentdealer.org/storage/app/media/EDF_Donation_Card.pdf

Checks should be made payable to the Equipment Dealers Foundation and mailed to the following address:

Equipment Dealers Foundation
165 N. Meramec Ave., Suite 430
St. Louis, MO 63105

If you prefer to donate using a credit card, please call EDA’s office at (636) 349-5000.

For those seeking assistance as a result of Hurricane Harvey, EDA is there to help! Please call for additional information or fill out the Disaster Relief Application.