Altoz introduces TRX accessories for year-round utility

Altoz recently introduced a utility plow that is ideal for moving snow or light-density aggregate, as well as a spreader for easy application of light rock salt, grit, fertilizers and other fine materials for its TRX, the industry’s first tracked zero-turn mower. Already a workhorse used for clearing and reclaiming property and for cutting grass, weeds and light brush, the TRX can be equipped to take on even more tasks in all seasons, increasing the ROI for commercial users, municipalities and utility companies. Features of both accessories are as follows:

Utility Plow

  • Durable, all-steel construction for superior strength and durability
  • 7-gauge trip frame superstructure, adjustable 72-inch moldboard with 48-inch trip frame
  • Responsive, quick hydraulic speed for lift, lower and angle control
  • Steering-control-mounted controller with illuminated buttons for 1-hand control
  • Fully enclosed, sealed, hydraulic operating system
  • Custom 2-inch receiver hitch for easy mounting


  • 3-cubic-foot/180-pound capacity
  • 10-inch steel spinner with spreading width adjustable from 4 to 20 feet
  • High-density UV-protected polymer
  • Modular steel frame
  • 12-volt DC/7- to 10-amp direct-drive motor

The TRX provides first-of-its-kind, patent-pending technology for commercial use on sloped, wet, snow-covered and rough terrains. Equipped with rear-mounted tracks and torsional suspension system, the TRX allows commercial users, utility companies and municipalities to maintain places they effectively or safely can’t with a traditional zero-turn mower or snow removal equipment. The exceptional stability and traction of the TRX enables operators to safely maneuver inclines, side hills, ditches, varying terrain and wet conditions with the agility and comfort found in all Altoz zero-turn mowers. And thanks to its low ground pressure and high traction, the TRX reduces compaction and minimizes ground disturbance while maintaining outstanding traction.

TorqFlex front suspension and rear torsional track suspension provides a smooth ride by bridging uneven terrain and reducing operator fatigue. Additionally, TRX’s commercial-grade track and flat-free front tires eliminate potential tire damage caused by sharp rocks, glass or debris commonly encountered in vacant lots, roadside ditches and spaces bordering high-traffic areas.

The introduction of the Altoz utility plow and spreader expands the TRX’s abilities year-round, making it truly a machine for all seasons, conditions and environments.