Echo debuts X Series at GIE+EXPO 2017

Representing the company’s “best-in-class” products designed for professional users, Echo Inc. introduced the Echo X Series at GIE+EXPO 2017 to expand and replace the Pro Extreme series.

The Echo X Series features 19 models within eight product categories, with each model having specific top-level attributes designed to help landscape professionals perform their jobs better in respective applications.

“The Echo X Series was well received at the show,” said Wayne Thomsen, Echo’s vice president of marketing and aftermarket. “All our products are professional grade, but the X Series identifies key models for pro users designed to provide significant attributes in their target applications. In addition, the new branding helps the professional user easily identify what we consider to be our best in class per category. The series will grow over time as new products are introduced with the latest engine technology and innovative features geared for the pro user.”

The series was a highlight at the company’s GIE+EXPO booths. The full line was on display indoors, and attendees were able to test the SRM-2620 vs. SRM-2620T trimmers in the company’s outdoor test circuit. For an added indoor experience, visitors were able to experience the major attributes of the series in a virtual reality experience called the Echo Chamber.

The expanded lineup includes:


  • SRM-2620: Base model includes Speed-Feed head and Black Diamond line
  • SRM-2620T: Provides greater torque to handle the toughest jobs
  • SRM-2620U: Uses ergonomic U-shaped handle for brush clearing


  • CS-501P: Lightest weight in its class (50.2 cc) with bar length up to 20 inches reduces fatigue and increases productivity — ideal for smaller trees
  • CS-620P/CS-620W: The greatest power for its class (59.8 cc) with bar lengths up to 27 inches to effortlessly fell large trees
  • PPT-2620/PPT-2620H: Low weight, high horsepower and durable shaft for efficient pole pruner performance


  • PB-770H/PB-770T: Lightweight backpack blower with ideal combination of air speed and air volume for powerful and efficient cleanup


  • PE-2620: Lighter, open-faced shield for easy operation
  • BRD-2620: Expertly redefines flower and mulch bed edges seven times faster than a shovel


  • HC-2420: Echo’s lightest double-sided hedge trimmer with 24-inch blades for easier maneuverability in smaller areas
  • HCA-2620: Articulating shaft simplifies trimming the tops of tall hedges
  • HC-3020: Echo’s longest double-sided hedge trimmer with 30-inch blades for greater reach
  • HCS-3020: Echo’s lightest single-sided hedge trimmer with 30-inch blades enables quick completion of sculpting and trimmer jobs
  • SHC-2620: Two-sided, shafted hedge trimmer with simple, fixed gear case for lighter weight to lessen fatigue
  • HCS-4020: Echo’s longest single-sided hedge trimmer with 40-inch blades for greater reach across wide hedges


  • PAS-2620: Strong performance (25.4 cc) with wide array of attachments to accomplish almost any task

In addition, Echo also displayed a full line of 58V lithium-ion cordless products, including a push mower (a first for Echo), a chain saw, a handheld blower, a hedge trimmer, and two variations of trimmers.

Echo Inc. is a leading manufacturer of professional-grade, high-performance outdoor power equipment for commercial and homeowner use. Based in the Chicago suburbs, the corporation markets its products under the brand names of Echo, Shindaiwa and Echo Bear Cat. To learn more about each, please visit, or