Mean Green starts electric mower revolution at GIE+EXPO 2017 with new ReVolt

Wearing “Leading the Electric Mower Revolution” T-shirts at GIE+EXPO 2017, the folks at Mean Green Mowers continued to challenge tradition and lead an electric mower revolution by unveiling a mower appropriately named the ReVolt.

“Tradition can be a great thing when it comes to family and friends, but following tradition in the outdoor power equipment world can lead to the same old boring and inefficient products that have little or no innovation,” said Joe Conrad, president of Mean Green Mowers. “Much like our American Revolutionary patriots of over 240 years ago, it is time to seek independence and escape the traditional. It is time for the ‘Electric Mower Revolution’ to free us all from the loud, polluting, gas-guzzling mowers of 1950’s era technology.

“Our forefathers did it, and now it is time for us: ReVolt!”

Designed by Joe’s son Matt, who also designed Mean Green’s Stalker all-electric commercial stand-on mower, the ReVolt fills the final gap in the broad range of Mean Green mowers. The ReVolt is an all-electric, 48/52-inch-cut, dual-drive, wide-area walk-behind commercial mower. With the option of up to two powerful Green Monster battery packs, the ReVolt can easily get commercial lawn care contractors through a full day of mowing on a single charge. With its low-slung, super-wide stance, and the company’s powerful battery packs hovering only 8 inches above the ground, the ReVolt boasts a low center of gravity. This allows the ReVolt to hug slopes with fewer worries from loss of control and oil starvation that is common with internal combustion engines.

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