Kohler Engines unveils new products at GIE+EXPO 2017

At GIE+EXPO 2017, Kohler unveiled the new 5400 Series engines for lawn tractor applications and the integration of an Electronic Throttle Body into its Command PRO EFI 999-cc engine.

Designed to bring easy starting and quiet, smooth operation to lawn tractor applications, the 5400 Series single-cylinder engine line includes 17- to 19.5-hp. models. Key features encompass a new Triple-Balance System, which was specially designed to significantly reduce vibration, as well as Kohler’s Smart-Choke Technology, which allows users to “Just Turn-the-Key and Go” without having to prime or choke the engine.

“When it comes to lawn tractors, users want an engine that’s easy to start, smooth running, simple to maintain, and built to last,” said Brett Wegner, product manager for Kohler Engines. “Our new 5400 Series more than delivers by incorporating a variety of user-friendly advancements. When developing this line, we applied our expertise from Kohler’s robust twin-cylinder engines to design in many durable features and user benefits. Without question, the 5400 Series takes our single-cylinder offering for ride-on mowers to the next level.”

In addition to Kohler’s new Triple-Balance System and Smart-Choke Technology, the 5400 Series incorporates the company’s Consistent-Cut Technology, which helps to maintain engine speed in tough conditions for a cleaner turf cut. An inverted oil filter allows for dripless oil changes, while ergonomic quarter-turn knobs provide easy access to the air filter for quick, tool-free replacement. Each model within the new 5400 Series is also backed by Kohler’s comprehensive 3-year warranty.

“The 5400 Series replaces the Kohler Courage single-cylinder engine line — which is being retired — and represents our next generation of technology in this engine class,” Wegner added. “We believe this line will be an appealing new option for today’s technology-driven lawn tractor users. But, it also represents an opportunity for outdoor power equipment dealers who have been seeking a new engine in this horsepower range, designed from the ground up, around the needs of their customers.”

As part of an ongoing commitment to enhancing the mowing experience for commercial cutters, Kohler is integrating an Electronic Throttle Body into its Command PRO EFI 999-cc engine. The new technology electronically controls intake airflow — much like in automobile engines — to optimize power and load response. The Electronic Throttle Body is combined with Kohler’s proven electronic fuel injection (EFI) system, as well as the latest engine cooling technology in the updated Command PRO EFI 999-cc engine, to deliver a range of benefits, including quick and easy starting, excellent fuel economy, improved durability, and enhanced response in challenging mowing conditions.

“I wish everyone who spends time on a mower could try this engine,” said Eric Raquet, product manager for Kohler Engines. “You can really feel the difference in tall, wet grass. Our new Electronic Throttle Body brings some extra muscle to the table, and takes the Command PRO EFI 999 cc to powerful heights of horsepower, torque and reliability.”

Ideal for commercial zero-turn-radius mowers, the Kohler Command PRO EFI 999-cc engine is available in models between 35 and 38 hp. Durability and performance features are numerous and include large-capacity filters, high-performance spark plugs, hydraulic valve lifters, and a fully integrated oil cooler. For added peace of mind, the engine is also backed by Kohler’s 3-year commercial warranty.