Oregon announces upgrade to 70 LGX

Oregon released the PowerCut 70-Series EXL, an evolution of the popular LGX 3/8” professional saw chain for 50 to 100cc chainsaws. Built with a focus on maximizing every cut, this upgraded chain features a proprietary grind that provides increased performance with reduced operator fatigue.

“This upgraded saw chain is a prime example of how we’re working with industry professionals to best meet their daily needs,” said Brendan Griffin, global product manager for Oregon Products. “The full chisel cutter is very popular with performance-driven professionals. Our aim with the upgrade is to create a chain that provides a faster, more powerful cutting solution and reduces the amount of operator-applied force required to complete cuts. The PowerCut 70-Series EXL is built to meet those needs.”

The new 70-Series EXL saw chain features:

  • A proprietary multi-axis grind technology and precision-ground cutters to help the saw power through timber.
  • LubriTec technology that keeps saw chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life.
  • Improved grind shape profile to better match the shape of the file, making it easier to file a precise edge.
  • The Gold Loop Start Indicator that makes sharpening easier with start-stop identification.
  • An overall design that reduces the force applied by the operator.

“This chain is simply another chapter in our legacy of innovation,” said Griffin. “2017 marked the 70th anniversary of the company and as we enter the new year, the 70-Series EXL chain is a strong indication of how we plan to approach future product development.”