TurfMutt encourages pet lovers to participate in Change a Pet’s Life Day on January 24

Lucky the TurfMutt, a former street dog who is now the spokesdog of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute’s (OPEI) environmental education program, encourages pet lovers across the country to participate in Change a Pet’s Life Day on January 24. Lucky was rescued by Kris Kiser, president and CEO of OPEI, and his life has never been the same. Now he’s “pawing it forward,” by sharing this worthy cause. Change a Pet’s Life Day draws attention to homeless pets and encourages people to consider adopting a pet from their local shelter or rescue organization and spreading awareness of animal welfare issues.

“I didn’t know Lucky was a superhero when I rescued him, but that’s the great thing about taking the leap to change a pet’s life. It’s an act that has ripple effects you can’t begin to imagine,” said Kiser. “Sure, I gave Lucky a good home, but he’s given me so much more, and I know there are plenty of pets in shelters who have the same capacity to make a huge impact. They just need someone to give them a chance.”

Kiser said there are many ways pet lovers can change a pet’s life, including:

  • Adopting a pet from your local shelter
  • Fostering a pet for a rescue organization
  • Volunteering at your local shelter
  • Spreading the word about the benefits of adopting a rescue pet
  • Sharing your pet rescue story with friends and family
  • Helping an elderly friend or neighbor by offering to walk their dog or spend time cuddling their cat

“There are millions of cats and dogs who are currently in shelters across the U.S.,” said Kiser. “Lucky and I encourage everyone to help where they can.”

In addition to encouraging pet adoption, Lucky the TurfMutt crusades for living landscapes by teaching kids and their parents about the many health and environmental benefits of their family yard. To learn more about TurfMutt’s mission to save the planet one yard at a time, visit www.TurfMutt.com.