Performance and Profitability: The Distraction Zone

By Mark Mooney


“Imagination…its limits are only those of the mind itself”

– Rod Serling, creator of “The Twilight Zone”


You’re traveling through another day, a day not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of distraction. There’s the signpost up ahead: “Your Next Stop, the Distraction Zone!”

You set the alarm, put the keys in the door and you lock it, and another day comes to an end. Some days are better than others, and your thoughts wander. You didn’t get anything accomplished today that you wanted to. You got up that morning, looked at that Android phone of yours, and, to your dismay, you already had 40 e-mails to sort through. You checked your voicemail, 14 messages to respond to, and then there were all those text messages. You skipped your Red Bull and corn flakes breakfast again as you headed to the dealership to begin your day…or were you beginning somebody else’s day?


[Cue the scary Twilight Zone theme music here]


The day started out as many days do for Rob Twilight. Daily dealership needs awaited before he even rolled out of bed. Distractions attracted, reactions detracted. Wading through all the requests that generally started his day always brought unexpected twists in the daily plot. What needed to be accomplished wasn’t even in the script this morning, or most mornings.

Attending to all those e-mails, texts, and phone messages took time. Thank goodness for all those gadgets that keep us informed, he thought. Before Rob knew it, a good part of the day was gone. Another day of production destruction. He hadn’t even thought about doing what he thought he’d be doing, when he should have been doing it. Rob was working in the Distraction Zone. No plot, no script, just ad libbing the day away. The daily reruns of distraction had a lot to do with his shortfall of daily achievements. All the gadgets and the technology that kept Rob connected 24/7 were having the opposite effect, they were more often disconnecting him from what needed to be done, and something needed to change.


“And now, a word from one of our sponsors…”

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Schedule your time and your day! Every morning before you look at all those unceasing e-mails, your cell phone, your texts, anything at all, script out your day. Isolation from the influence of others helps us hear ourselves. By identifying and prioritizing all those distractions that have been controlling your day, you get some of your day back. This doesn’t mean don’t attend to it; it means schedule when and how you do it. But wait, there’s more!

Do you, and others around you answer texts faster than a speeding bullet? Do cell phones appear to be part of the anatomy of everyone around you? You’re in luck. Studies have found that two of most distracting things in the work place are cell phones and texting. And the production destruction they cause is just amazing. You, too can lose tens of thousands of dollars each year caused by the amount of time lost to distractions in the workplace.

Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you’re getting work done. The average amount of time lost per employee is more than two hours per day due to workplace distractions, with more than 650 billion dollars lost annually by American companies as a result.

But you’re in luck! During this limited time offer you will receive the production enhancer “Distraction Eliminator” absolutely free of charge. That’s right, free of charge! Disengage from the distractions that surround and control you, schedule your day. Regain your concentration, and turn off what detracts from it. Prioritize tasks and accomplish what is most important first by trying “Distraction Eliminator” (enhanced production and profitability is standing by).


“Now back to our regularly scheduled program.”

[Cue the Twilight Zone music again]


The daily distractions that had been plaguing Rob were not uncommon, but enough is enough, he thought. The previous evening Rob had seen a commercial while watching his favorite TV show, and it took him into a new dimension of thought, a dimension of clarity, a dimension of understanding. Rob began to see some of the ways he might eliminate the distractions that had been controlling his days for so long. Rob Twilight is beginning a new journey into a world of production and accomplishment. Today Rob will get done what he needs to get done. You see, for Rob there’s a new signpost ahead that reads, “You have just crossed out of the Distraction Zone.”


Have a great month everybody…


Mark Mooney is a former dealer principal of a multi-line metric dealership with annual sales in excess of $10 million. He has partnered and works with many major OEMs to provide dealership consultation and sales training for their dealer bodies. He has delivered keynote speeches for OEMs, taught numerous classes on dealership management, trained sales teams throughout the United States, and improved bottom lines. For more information, visit


Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in OPE’s sister publication, PowerSports Business magazine.