Ryan unveils enhancements to Jr. Sod Cutter

Adding to the 70-year legacy of the Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter, the company announced several new product features. The new features will improve the user experience in rental, golf, and professional lawn care applications. Ryan unveiled the newest iteration of the Jr. Sod Cutter at The Rental Show February 19-21.

First, Ryan made the Jr. Sod Cutter easier to use with a new, more user-friendly control panel complete with a “Text to Video” instructional decal. Users can simply text a keyword to the number on the decal and receive a link to a video tutorial. Also, the control panel provides instruction that corresponds to new color-coded levers, helping to further simplify the operation of the machine.

New ultra-low vibration technology gives the operator more comfort, reducing hand/arm vibration by 75 percent. Ryan achieves this with new rubber isolation mounts that absorb most of the vibration before it reaches the operator’s hands.

“These new improvements are perfect for the rental market, where users may not be as familiar with the machine,” said Troy Blewett, director of marketing for Schiller Grounds Care, owner of the Ryan Turf brand. “The simplified start-up and smoother operation will give the operator more confidence and even better results. It’s the most complete version of the Jr. Sod Cutter in its 70-year history, and that’s saying something.”

The new Jr. Sod Cutter also comes with these additional features:

  • A new semi-pneumatic swiveling rear wheel for improved maneuverability
  • Easy depth and blade angle adjustment, allowing for precise cutting
  • A new, more robust bumper guard to protect the engine and provide an improved tie down location