New Kohler engine reduces Carbon Monoxide emissions by 75 percent

With demand for more fuel efficient, low-emission engines on the rise, Kohler rolled out its ECH440LE Command PRO EFI. The new engine reduces Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions by 75 percent when compared to comparable Kohler carbureted engines under similar loads and duty cycles. The ECH440LE, ideal for portable generator applications, significantly lowers potentially-harmful emissions without impacting overall generator performance.

“Our engineering team is always looking for ways to reduce emissions while maintaining overall engine performance and the ECH440LE is a great example of Kohler’s leadership in this area,” said Ben Marotz, marketing manager for Kohler Engines. “Plus, the timing for this technology is ideal with the recent approval of UL 2201 <dash> the first U.S. consensus standard for addressing carbon monoxide emissions from portable generators.”

The Kohler ECH440LE Command PRO engine features the company’s closed-loop EFI system, as well as an integrated catalytic exhaust system. These systems combine to help significantly lower Carbon Monoxide emissions. Users also gain the other benefits of Kohler’s EFI technology, including improved power and enhanced reliability.

Kohler’s EFI technology utilizes an oxygen sensor in the engine’s muffler, which continuously monitors the amount of fuel injected and adjusts fuel levels, as necessary, to optimize performance. EFI engines offer automotive-like turnkey starting and the elimination of carburetors and their associated maintenance.

The Kohler ECH440LE will be available in the first quarter of 2018 on select generator models, including a new PowerStroke 7000 watt portable generator from TTi. Additional portable generator models incorporating Kohler’s low-emission engine are anticipated soon.