22nd Annual EETC Conference training schedule announced

The Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC) announced the training schedule for its factory training sessions available at the 22nd Annual Conference April 11-14 2018.


Thursday Sessions

Husqvarna Factory Training

EETC Training Seminars April 12, 2018 presented by Lee Ayers, Technical Trainer, Husqvarna.

Experience and Learn about Li Robotic Mower Technology, weather permitting we will have a outside demonstration of the Automower in use along with Question & Answer time. Learn about the technology, setup and operation of Husqvarna Automower


Oregon Factory Training

EETC Training Seminar April 12, 2018 presented by Jay Larsen, Technical Services Manager and Vic Grossi, Sr. Technical Services Technician, Blount Inc.

This course provides instruction and hands-on opportunities with the Oregon blade sharpening belt grinders. Oregon belt grinders offer fast sharpening, long life, outstanding belt tracking, and consistent contact points. In addition to straight lawnmower blades, we will demonstrate the flexibility of the belt grinders sharpening other types of blades including mulching blades, chipper blades and more, including applications for dressing chainsaw guide bar rails. During the session we will also discuss the family of Oregon Gator Blades and our recommended strategies when operating in various cutting conditions.


TORO Factory Training

EETC Training Seminar April 12, 2018 presented by Duane Kasprick Technical Service Representative and Jeff Brenke, Technical Service Representative, The Toro Company.

Introduction to Toro Driveline Systems will cover Toro’s FWD, RWD and AWD driveline systems. The Personal Pace and all new PowerReverse systems will be discussed as well.


TOP Equipment

EETC Training Seminar April 12, 2018 presented by Albert Heron, Service Manager, TOP Equipment.

Carburetor – Life kit is designed for hand held Rotary valve and cube style carburetors used on hand held products and designed to generate additional revenue for servicing dealers while saving customer’s money. This new technology will clean fuel systems without removing the carburetors or disassemble in most cases with an easy process using an all-in-one cleaning flush product. Session covers basic theory of operation of carburetors with a hands-on demonstration of how to restore the fuel system quickly and make more money.


Friday Sessions

Briggs & Stratton Factory Training

EETC Training Seminars April 13, 2018 presented by Tom Billigen, Customer Education Training Manager Briggs & Stratton Incorporated.

This session is the first in a series from Briggs & Stratton revolving around troubleshooting 4-stroke engine systems. The class start with a review of fundamental basics of what a 4-stroke engine needs to run and perform. From there we review techniques of training those who are taking the machines in and how to draw information from the customer that may help save time. You will have an opportunity to make a diagnosis of an engine that doesn’t start based on your current knowledge level. From there we will discuss more in-depth troubleshooting procedures. This process will help you with confidence and wanting to prove theories before replacing any parts. Once armed with this further information we will turn you loose to further diagnose, repair and confirm it by running the engine. We want you to test, not guess!


ECHO Incorporated Factory Training

EETC Training Seminars April 13, 2018 presented by Bryan Price, Product Training Specialist and Mike Hudson, Product Training Specialist, ECHO Incorporated.

Attendees will troubleshoot & repair several units that have actual field problems. Once repairs are complete, units will be test run. The program will feature the NEW ECHO & Shindaiwa Engine Diagnostics Tool Booklet. The 32-page booklet has over 100-images that explain the how & why of 2-Stroke engine troubleshooting tests.


Stihl Incorporated Factory Training

EETC Training Seminars April 13, 2018 presented by Eddie Anderson, Technical Training Supervisor and David Sease, Technical Training Coordinator, Stihl Incorporated.

A review of what students need to be prepared for regarding use of the MDG 1 Diagnostic tool to evaluate Stihl Products.A look at Stihl Injection, Stihl M-Tronic, carb tuning and data readout on conventional carburetor models. JIS Crosspoint screws as used on Zama and Walbro carbs. A hands on review of Stihl’s revised fast troubleshooting of butterfly throttle diaphragm carbs, tutorial and worksheet.