Rotary offers thousands of premium-quality belts for 2018

More than 50 new premium-quality belts are highlighted in Rotary’s 2018 catalog for servicing dealers and distributors. Replacements for all the popular brands are included in a special 65-page section that features photos, illustrations and descriptions.

Rotary offers thousands of different belts for outdoor power equipment including heavy-duty belts reinforced with high-strength aramid fiber and 2-ply construction. Rotary’s complete line of belts is engineered to meet rigid operating standards with excellent resistance to heat, oil and abrasion.

Other related items include belt idlers, flat idlers and v-idlers, as well as belt, spindle, idler and transmission pulleys. Also available are accessories such as a belt-measuring tool and adjustable rack that displays up to 80 rows of belts.


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