Walker Model H37i now available

The Walker Model H37i was built with the professional in mind. The 37-hp., Briggs & Stratton big block engine gives it maximum torque for big jobs, and its engine debris management technology keeps the engine clean.

Powered by a 993cc big block Vanguard EFI engine, the H37i is a powerful and efficient machine for the professional user. Its engine with air capacity air cooling system, big 5-inch diameter Donaldson air cleaner, Grammer suspension seat, and fully articulating decks means the H37i can mow complex properties easier, in harsh conditions longer. And with the optional Model H deck Power Tilt-Up, maintenance and storage are even easier.


Type: Non-collection

Power: 37 hp.

Engine: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard

Ideal application: Commercial, rural, and large properties, field cutting

Key attributes: Powerful, efficient, high production

Decks: 8 discharge, 3 mulching

Popular add-ons:

  • Implement hitch
  • 50-inch two-stage snowblower
  • 60-inch dozer blade
  • Operator hard cab

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