Burly Attachments Clod-Buster topsoil screener

Burly Attachments, LLC, announced its Clod-Buster Topsoil Screener, an American-made skid-steer loader attachment for turning mountains of earth into ready-to-grade topsoil. The bucket pin points have been strategically arranged to utilize the skid-steer’s full power as it easily digs into a pile – quickly filling its three-quarter-yard scoop. The Clod-Buster’s Hardox steel agitator shreds the hard clods of dirt, allowing only the fines to pass through the screener, and providing a consistent grade of topsoil at a capacity of 50 tons per hour.

Attaching to the front of a medium to large-sized skid loader, this 1,300 pound piece of equipment can travel from jobsite to jobsite, providing a consistent supply of the screened topsoil you need. Filtering soil with the Clod-Buster is as simple and straightforward as using any skid-steer.

Once screening is complete, the bucket is returned to the roll-back position and the agitator rotation is reversed to toss rock and debris to the back of the bucket. Then finally, the hood is opened to discard rock and debris.

See it in action at www.burlyattachments.com


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