Water Cannon expands line of pressure washers

Water Cannon has expanded it line to include a new industrial-duty line of indoor application pressure washers. Powered with a U.S.-made Baldor electric 20-hp. motor and reliable General Pump TSP Series pump, these electric pressure washers are worth the investment. Three very powerful models offer up to 5.5 gpm and 7,000 psi. These models make a great choice for those needing extreme mobility and superior power.

In applications where the user of the Water Cannon pressure washer cannot control the intervals of when the cleaning will be needed, and to ensure minimal wear and tear to components, the Auto-Stop/Start feature effectively shuts down the motor and pump when the trigger gun is closed. This factory-installed option works on a flow switch to send a signal to shut down the motor and restart when the pressure washer trigger gun is needed again. Save energy and the inefficiency of turning the system on and off. Saves labor also and extends the service life of the electric pressure washer. Time Delay is another feature that can be factory installed as an upgrade. Time Delay will shut the system off if the user does not open the trigger gun in 90 seconds.



  • 13M68 – 5.5 gpm-5,000 psi w/General Pump TSP Series Pump and 50-foot attachment kit
  • 13M71 – 4.5 gpm-6,000 psi w/General Pump TSP Series Pump and 50-foot attachment kit
  • 13M77 – 4.0 gpm-7,000 psi w/General Pump TSP Series Pump and 50-foot attachment kit


  • Baldor TEFC commercial industrial-grade motor with 2-year warranty
  • 230-volt three-phase 46 amp
  • 12-foot cord no plug
  • General Pump TSP Series pump with 5-year warranty
  • Portable on sturdy frame with lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Poly chain drive
  • Attachment kit – 50-foot hose, trigger gun and wand
  • Quick connect nozzles
  • Assembled in the USA

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