Woods new Ditch Bank Rotary Cutter

The newest Woods Ditch Bank Rotary Cutter offers the only six-foot model on the market. This exclusive cutter, in addition to the new five-foot model, are both ideal for maintaining ditches, roadways, ponds and waterways. These new models are popular with state, county and contractors, and will cut at almost any angle with a 90-degree flex up and down.

Each model is compatible with tractors that have 60- to 150-hp. range. Both rotary cutters have the highest-rated cutting horsepower in their class – full 40-hp. at the cutting head. A sturdy hydraulic deck extension arm extends to 30 inches for longer reach. Operators can cut vegetation up to two inches in diameter, to clear areas of heavy growth. Transport width is a narrow 119 inches, with no frame overhang on the roadway, even on the six-foot units. This allows for safer travel.

Research shows that customers prefer the Woods’ exclusive Quick-Change blade system, which allows easy blade changes from the top of the deck, with a ¾-inch wrench. The optional hydraulic cooling system is an additional exclusive feature. Operators can work longer and more efficiently in extreme conditions since downtime due to overheating is reduced.


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