ENM Series T49 alternator-powered LCD hour meter

ENM’s Series T49 6-digit LCD hour meter features two factory pre-programmed flash alert maintenance reminders to help the operator know when it is time to perform service.

The hour meter accumulates time only when the engine’s alternator is running, or when the voltage is above 13 VDC.

The meter is 100-percent sealed and protected from shock and vibration to keep out the harshest environments and provide years of service.

It is self-powered, keeping total running time displayed at all times.

The T49 operation is external power source. It is applied (8-32 VDC) on the termals on the back of the meter; the hourglass icon will flash every second, indicating it is running. When the preset alert monitor time is reached, the LCD will flash (CHG OIL) on the display every two seconds.


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