EDA and AEM to host free webinar on the Right to Repair movement

The Equipment Dealers Association (EDA) has scheduled a free webinar for members to discuss the implications of the “right to repair” movement and how this type of legislation, if enacted, would impact equipment dealers throughout the United States and, specifically, in the Northeast region. Stephanie See, state government relations director with Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) will be co-hosting with EDA’s Natalie Higgins, VP of Government Relations/General Counsel.

EDA and AEM’s webinar will:

  • Explain the main arguments advanced by proponents of “right to repair” legislation;
  • Explain the key areas of concern that EDA, AEM, and other industry leaders have with this type of legislation;
  • Provide dealers with the information they need to educate their staff, customers, communities and legislators about this issue;
  • Explain what our industry is doing to ensure that the needs of farmers and ranchers are met in order to minimize downtime and maximize productivity of agricultural equipment


Date: Thursday, December 6, 2018

Time: 12:00 p.m. (CDT)




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