Husqvarna gas-powered hedge trimmers

Husqvarna announced an entirely new line of gas-powered hedge trimmers, providing powerful precision tools for every type of hedge. Combining productivity and durability, the new series features high cutting capacity due to a special knife design and gear ratio, efficient air filtration through a 2-stage air filter, and a well-balanced overall design. The 522HD60S is double-sided hedge trimmer with a robust design, low vibration levels and 23-inch blade length that also comes as a coarse-cut version. The 522HDR75S is a double-sided, coarse cut hedge trimmer featuring a 30-inch blade length paired with a robust design and low vibration levels. Husqvarna will also offer a single-sided, coarse-cut hedge trimmer in the 522HS75S, which also features a 30-inch blade length.


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