Earthquake re-introduces the Victory rear tine tiller cultivator with a new engine option

Earthquake announced the re-introduction of the Victory rear tine tiller. The Victory delivers the power of larger tillers in a more compact and controllable size. New for 2019, the Victory is now available to distributors and retailers with a Kohler 196cc engine.

“The Victory is both innovative and proven,” said Noah Marach, project manager, Earthquake, the lawn and garden division of Ardisam, Inc. “With the optional Kohler engine, the Victory offers a great value in the rear tine rototiller category, which makes it a profitable addition to wholesalers’ and retailers’ product lineups.”

The Earthquake Victory combines the power and performance of larger tillers in a more compact and controllable size. With no compromise in comparison to bigger, more cumbersome machines, the Victory has a full 16-inch tilling width and a tilling depth of up to 10 inches. The 196cc Kohler engine delivers exceptional power to the Victory’s rear-mounted, counter-rotating tines.

The Victory features:

  • Full-sized power in a compact frame
  • Optimal weight distribution and balance, a low center of gravity, and wide tire footprint for ground-hugging stability
  • So maneuverable it can be operated with one hand, plus instant reverse for greater control even in tight spots
  • Non-pneumatic wheels never go flat and give the Victory greater traction and flotation in tilled soil
  • Forged steel tines, cast-iron transmission with bronze gears


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