American LandMaster adds new model configurations, body paint options, hood colors, and more

American LandMaster announced the release of new model configurations, new hood colors, and new body paint to further diversify its line and build on its ability to bring custom options to the marketplace.

One of the company’s biggest releases in 2019 is its new steel flatbed UTV, the FTX series. The new FTX package is available standard on three models: 350DL FTX, 477 FTX, and the 550EPS FTX. An FTX model will come equipped with a new oversized steel flatbed made of thick, diamond-plated steel, a branded back plate, and pocket holes for sidewalls. Furthermore, the flatbed still provides the customer with full dump capability and can fit a full size pallet on-board.

“We took the steel flatbed unit to a few shows in the fall of 2018 and the responses were incredible,” said David Piercy, marketing director for American LandMaster. “People loved the look and feel of the diamond-plate steel and were even more impressed with the angle of the dump. It’s a great option for farmers, municipalities, or heavy-duty users. One of my favorite things about the flatbed is it doubles a portable workbench. Sometimes customers can be miles away from their barn or workshop and have to haul additional tools to build their own workbench in the field. Now they won’t have to.”

The Pro-Series is American LandMaster’s next newest configuration, and this provides the customer with a package of pre-installed accessories and the option of a steel flat bed or poly bed. The Pro-Series is available in a 2WD option, the 477 Pro-Series, and a 4WD option, the 677EPS Pro-Series. Each Pro-Series model comes equipped with a front rack, winch, LED light bar, and the new Patented TAC utility cargo system. The TAC system is a steel racking system designed to strap on tools, cargo, and other different materials.

“The Pro-Series was created for farmers, daily users, municipalities, or just heavy-duty users that need the added tool and cargo space,” said Piercy. “Our vehicles are primarily built for work so we wanted to make sure our new vehicle configurations would make work easier for our customers. It’s an incredible deal for the customer as well; the value of the combined accessories, unique features and design coupled with our rugged, durable, American-Made quality is hard to miss. In addition, all of our vehicles come standard with a top and windshield. Other UTV manufacturers charge hundreds of dollars to add on those accessories.”

Besides the new models, American LandMaster has also launched several new features to help its product stand out in the field. Select models across the line will now have the option, at no additional cost, to upgrade to a new body paint color of blue or gray. Additionally, the company is adding both blue and gray hood options, again at no additional charge.

“We wanted to give our dealers something new and exciting to sell without changing too much about the vehicle that customers already love,” said Piercy. “Through our research, customers have stated that they want a UTV that feels unique and personalized for their lifestyle. With the different color options and new model configurations, we really feel we’re creating that personalized experience the customer wants.”

The new products for American LandMaster will be available at dealerships early spring of 2019. Prices for their 2WD lines starts at $5,299 while their 4WD units start at $7,499.


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