Great Day Tote Caddy trash can transporter

Millions of people throughout the United States struggle with lifting, dragging or hauling trash cans. Great Day’s new Tote Caddy trash can transporter eliminates the straining and hassle for handling this unpleasant chore. Users simply back their vehicle (any truck, auto, golf cart or ATV with a 2-inch hitch receiver) up to the trash can, hook it up and go. The Tote Caddy was designed to match up to hitch receivers of average height (14 to 20 inches). In some cases, where the receiver is too high or too low, use of the TC5000A is recommended. The Tote Caddy fits into standard 2-inch hitch receivers, and is designed to attach to the handle of the universal trash cans used by all waste disposal services. With the simple flip of a lever, the receiver arm of the Tote Caddy moves into place for attaching to the can. Once attached, it is positioned slightly off the ground and ready for delivery. The Tote Caddy is constructed of heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum, designed to be maintenance free and provide years of dependable service. The Tote Caddy only weighs 6-1/2 pounds and folds neatly so, when not in use, it can be left on the vehicle.  Weight capacity is 200 pounds.


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