Northeast Equipment Dealers Association partners with i3 Digital Agency

The Northeast Equipment Dealers Association (NEDA) approved i3 Digital Agency as its digital agency of choice for its more than 450 outdoor power equipment, farm, industrial and construction dealers, spanning more than nine states in 800 stores. i3 Digital Agency, a division of Fastline Media Group, will provide web, digital marketing, intelligence and analytics solutions to the equipment dealers.

“I would estimate that over 60 percent of our dealers are using digital media successfully to reduce costs or increase some of their marketing efforts,” said Ralph Gaiss, CEO of NEDA. “The i3 relationship gives our other dealers an opportunity to be more proficient with digital, while giving existing digital users options to evaluate their current digital processes or solutions to improve leads, quality or website management. I have been working with Fastline and Bill Howard (CEO, Fastline Media Group) for almost 19-years, and appreciate their ability to work quickly and meet the needs of our dealers on a regular basis, I look forward to seeing what we do together with this expanded partnership.” 

The association serves Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont equipment dealers. 

“The Northeast Equipment Dealers Association includes some of our strongest areas in the U.S., with outstanding dealers who know and understand the importance of omni-channel marketing,” said Howard. “We have seen exceptional results with our print publications and are seeing strong performance from digital with some of the dealers in NEDA and look forward to doing more.”

“Dealerships go to market with exciting, engaging and problem-solving solutions for their equipment customers,” said Tony Fink, vice president of i3 Digital Agency. “We provide the digital solutions, analytics, and consumer intelligence needed to compete and build real relationships with customers, while also giving dealers the control to manage their business in a competitive and evolving marketplace.” 

NEDA will continue to support dealers through lobbying, improved dealer laws, insurance, healthcare, legal and other services. “We estimate saving dealers  up to 23 percent just on healthcare for dealerships, not to mention the savings to  dealer customers through our extended warranty programs on used and new equipment,” said Gaiss.

NEDA supports equipment dealers by providing lobbying support, workers compensation, a legal counsel hotline, health insurance, news & updates on government/manufacturer regulations and compliance, and extended warranty programs for dealer customers. NEDA also works with the National Equipment Register to notify police nationally, in the event equipment is stolen from a dealership or their customers.

“Our digital, analytics, business intelligence and web solutions are built on global standards and solutions that are not proprietary or lock them into something they can’t change later,” said Fink. “We want them to have all of the control; obviously we are there to help but this is about giving NEDA dealer members the power and tools to grow with, or without us.”


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