Vanguard Oil Guard now available on Hustler Turf Equipment

Briggs & Stratton announced the expansion of its Vanguard Oil Guard system to Hustler Turf Equipment. Launched in 2017, Vanguard’s Oil Guard innovation has quickly proven to enhance productivity and reduce maintenance costs. 

“Vanguard developed Oil Guard to significantly reduce downtime associated with engine oil maintenance — and that’s exactly what it does,” said Christine Davison, senior marketing manager, commercial power, Briggs & Stratton. “We’ve seen incredible success with Oil Guard, which has an immediate impact on increasing productivity by decreasing oil maintenance. We’re excited to expand this cutting-edge solution to Hustler mowers.” 

By increasing oil maintenance intervals to 500 hours, and with its easy fill cap and integrated oil filter, Oil Guard not only improves productivity but ensures oil changes are cleaner, faster and easier. Instead of two-quarts of oil, Oil Guard relies on a five-quart oil reservoir. Stored away from the heat of the engine, the oil is able to cool in the aluminum tank, allowing the engine more oil to do the same amount of work. The result is a 60 percent oil maintenance cost-savings per unit and season.

“Integrating the Vanguard Oil Guard innovation allows us to offer increased productivity, cost-savings and improved ease of use to Hustler customers,” said Brad Unruh, director of new product development, Hustler. “We’re looking forward to offering this innovation on our mowers and are confident customers will benefit from the reduced engine oil maintenance and immediate increase in uptime.” 

Oil Guard will now be available on the Vanguard BIG BLOCK™ EFI that powers the Hustler Super 104, Super Z HyperDrive, and the all-new Super 88 stand-on mower launching at GIE+EXPO 2019. “We’re excited to introduce the new Super 88 with the Vanguard Oil Guard innovation, which increases its efficiency twofold,” said Unruh. “The new mower is designed with the cut quality of a 54” deck and the productivity of an 88” cut. Oil Guard complements the increased productivity of the Super 88 by reducing downtime associated with engine oil maintenance.”


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