Max Distributing unveils TracMow Remote Control Slope Mowers

Oregon City, Oredon-based Max Distributing, the North American distributor of TracMow Remote Control Slope Mowers, showcased TracMow at the GIE+EXPO in Louisville. TracMow is designed and built by Barbieri, an Italian power equipment manufacturer founded in 1958. 

“Riding a mower on steep slopes, or any sort of slopes, can be extremely dangerous,” said Jerry Fife, Max Distributing’s product manager.  “With TracMow, you remove the operator from any danger, as well as dust, exhaust, engine noise, and biting and stinging pests.”

According to Fife, TracMow is also much more affordable than other options.  “If you’re not using a TracMow, you’re limited to a team of workers using string trimmers, or some sort of cost prohibitive ride-on machine which will have all sorts of possible safety issues, not to mention transportation headaches,” Fice said. “A single TracMow unit will do the same work, and it’s small enough to fit in a standard pickup truck bed — no trailer required.”

Compared to other remote controlled slope mowing options, TracMow has many advantages. 

“Thanks to the low center-of-gravity and rugged tracks, TracMow will climb 50 degree slopes without the need for winches or pulleys, unlike other comparable brands,” he said. “And the highly intuitive remote has a range of 650 feet. Safely mow in comfort, well away from any danger.”


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