New CVT drive belt comes with ‘unheard-of’ 3-year warranty

Springfield, Missouri-based Timken Belts stopped some industry folks in their tracks with news that the company’s CVT drive belts for high-powered side-by-sides are backed “by an unheard-of 3-year warranty,” according to a company press release.

Ultimax XP belts are engineered for added strength, reliability and belt life. Each Ultimax XP belt is designed for optimum performance on a specific demanding application. Delivering peak power and efficiency, Ultimax XP belts are flexible, durable  and heat resistant, the company said.

Features and Benefits

  • Severe duty belt engineered for extreme performance
  • Purpose-built to handle the unique demands of harsh CVT environments
  • Engineered to handle heat, load and abuse
  • Constructed with fiber-reinforced advanced polymer compounds that work best for each specific application
  • Made with strong and stable aramid cord for superior resistance to shock loads
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made in the USA 

Editor’s take: 3-year warranty on the Ultimax XP belt? Such a backing is certainly impressive, and unheard of by me as well. — Dave McMahon


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