Dealer Does It: Coupon flyer offers free gift

Outdoor Power Equipment will begin sharing dealerships tips and best practices that we secure from a variety of resources. No dealership names or states will be provided; simply details that might provide your shop with an opportunity for more profitability.

This dealership touts its service on all makes and models in a coupon flyer that land in USPS mailboxes at targeted households. 

With Stihl and Exmark products taking center stage in the ad, the shop touts its lineup of mowers, service and maintenance, small engine repairs, sharpening, trailers, chainsaws, climbing gear, ropes and parts.

Coupons offered include:

$50 off — Any large mower purchase

$25 off — Any service or repair $300 or more

Does your shop always say no when the coupon flyer rep comes to request your participation? Might it make sense to give it a shot? Could it get your shop top-of-mind for the customer on the fence? At any rate, be sure to ask how many apartment or condo buildings the flyer is mailed to, as those residents will be a tough sell.


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