OPE Data Spotlight: ZTRs helped with Q1 sales

Following are more results from the OPE Q1 Dealer Survey. The survey, conducted in late March, represents a range of more than 100 independent servicing OPE dealerships from 30 states, with the following annual revenue breakdowns in a typical year by dealer respondent:

  • Less than $500,000 — 31%
  • $501,000-$999,000 — 24%
  • $1-$2 million — 15%
  • $2-$3 million — 12%
  • $4 million or more — 18%

When asked to provide the line of business that provided them with the largest amount of business growth in Q1, independent servicing OPE dealerships said that zero-turn mowers were the overwhelming most positive growth segment in Q1.

Walk-behind, riding and stand-on mowers weren’t far behind as a combined group in terms of driving Q1 revenue. Tractor sales were also noted, along with a hefty business in chain saws, generators and pressure washers.

Dealerships continue to adapt their business operations to the coronavirus pandemic, which was announced March 11. Many reported strong wholegood sales in January and February, followed by service department growth in March.

— Dave McMahon, editor


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